Assistant Professor of Physical Computing

Eindhoven University of Technology

I am Assistant Professor in the Department of Industrial Design at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). I also hold a visiting faculty position at the School of Computing and Communications at Lancaster University.  My work is in the field of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and Physical Computing at the intersection of Design, Engineering, and Computer Science.

Research My research is on Tangible and Physical Computing that blends and integrates data, interactions, and interfaces into real-world applications on digital health, education, industry 4.0, and knowledge work. Please find a selection of my publications and a full list on Google Scholardblp, and ACM DL. I work on:

(1) Collaborative augmented device ecologies: 'design for the future of work' where devices are merged into larger intelligent ecologies that support collaboration, nomadic work, and new emerging work practices (see [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9]).

(2) Physicalizing human-data interaction: 'support from sensor to physicalisation' and study new co-creation processes, concepts, interaction paradigms, and data embodiments for non-expert human-data/AI interaction (see [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7]).

Teaching — I teach and direct university-level courses on design engineering, human-computer interaction, and physical computing. My teaching interest is in courses that combine design, HCI, and computer science. I hold a PGCert for 'Academic Practice' and am a 'Fellow of the Higher-Education Academy (HEA)'.

News and Updates:

⌁ Full paper on 'Physecology' accepted to ACM TOCHI (paper)

⌁ Paper and Pictorial accepted to ACM TEI'22 and OzCHI'21 (paper)
⌁ We are organizing the 'Future Ecologies' workshop at ACM ISS'21 (paper)

⌁ Associate Chair (AC) for ACM TEI'22 and ACM CHI'22
⌁ Full paper on 'Interaction with Physicalisations' accepted to ACM CHI'21

⌁ Joined TU Eindhoven as Assistant Professor in Physical Computing

⌁ Best Paper Honorable Mention Award 🏆at ACM DIS'20 for Econundrum paper

⌁ Best Paper Honorable Mention Award 🏆at ACM CHI'20 for CollabAR paper

Dr. Steven Houben

List of Selected Publication


Kim Sauvé (PhD candidate)

Dominic Potts (PhD candidate)

Thomas Wells (PhD candidate)

Irina Bianca Serban (PhD candidate)
Hans Brombacher (PhD candidate)
Sue Yoon (PhD candidate)
Dimitra Dritsa (Postdoc)

Research Projects

POWEr FITTing (NL - Einhoven Engine)

Inno4Health (EU - ITEA)

Blended Realities (LU-FST)

Institute of Coding (UK - OfS)

Future Places DE Centre (UK - EPSRC)

Intel ICRI Cities (Intel Labs)
ICareNet (EU - Marie-Curie ITN)


Associate Editor for ACM ISS PACM HCI
Associate Chair for CHI'22 & TEI'22


TU/e Vitality Squad Projects
Future Learn online course
DBM160 - Data-Enabled Design

DBM170 - Design for Emerging Technologies